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I came across this issue recently, and after some failed Googling realized that nobody had really solved this very well. Sure, there’s exec-sync(which doesn’t work with node .10 and is no longer maintained) and execSync(which is dangerous and should not be run outside a development environment) but even both of those feel pretty hacky.  So […]

Author’s Note – The headline seems to have ruffled a few feathers because it comes off as a generalization(not meant to be).  If you read this and find your panties in a wad, please pretend that I had named this post “3 Things That I Wish I Knew When I First Become a Programmer”. I consider […]

Faced with a site overhaul project our team went searching for a CSS framework to use.  No surprise that we landed on bootstrap.  It’s popular, with a growing fanbase, and holds promises of easy cross-browser compatibility…something that CSS folks will know is a nightmare. So off we went.  Downloaded Bootstrap, made a few simple changes(replacing […]